Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dr. Ashton and Anita's Retirement Party!

Earlier this month the staff of Willow Creek Pediatrics put on an amazing retirement party for Dr. Ashton and his nurse Anita! The night was a Hawaiian themed party, full of great company. So many people came out to show their love for Dr. Ashton and Anita and had so many wonderful stories and things to say about them. It was definitely a night for the books! Here are some pictures from the evening:

Dr. Ashton's daughter, Erin

Dr. Ralston from our Cottonwood office

Dr. Ashton and his wife Joanie

Dr. Christensen

Dr. Ormsby

Dr. Jopling's nurse, Traci

All of the people who came to celebrate

Dr. Ashton's wife, Joanie


Dr. Ashton sporting his "retirement" hair!

Dr. Owen's from our St. Mark's office, and her husband

Dr. Ashton

Dr. Memmott

Wasatch Pediatrics administrator, Janis, and her husband

Dr. Lynch

Dr. Ashton's daughter, Brodi

Dr. Ashton's wife, Joanie, with Dr. Christensen and his wife

Dr. Ashton and Dr. Jopling

This truly was such an amazing night! We would like to thank Dr. Ashton and Anita for the many great years that they have spent making our office a better place! We love you and will miss you both!

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Laura said...

We miss you Dr. Ashton, but are so glad that you get to have fun with your family :)