Friday, March 16, 2018

Willow Creek Spotlight- Mindee

Mindee Langlois, MA
How long have you been at Willow Creek?
12 years
What's your favorite color?
What are your hobbies?
I love doing crafts when I have time, spending time with family, hiking, and working out. I also play pickle ball.
Tell us something about you...
I am happy and energetic all of the time and I love helping others. I have 3 dogs and a cat living at my house right now. I have 4 kids; 1 is married, 1 is engaged, 1 is graduating this year, and 1 is a freshman at Alta High School. I love sports! Soccer is my favorite to play and watch. I took karate when I was young and was 12 years old when I got my black belt.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of Willow Creek Pediatrics?
I love the patients and getting to know. I enjoy working with the best doctors and staff.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Willow Creek Spotlight- Mandy

Mandy Hardman- MA 
How long have you been at Willow Creek?
I have worked at Wasatch Pediatrics for 15 years and of those years the past 10 ½ at Willow Creek!  I started working nights and weekends when my children were small then transitioned into working with Dr. Jopling and Dr. Omara during the days.  I will now be working with our newest physician, Dr. Carly Sorenson. Willow Creek has always been my home, as I have been a patient of Willow Creek myself and watched my mom work for Wasatch Pediatrics for over 23 years. The staff at Willow Creek truly is one in a million. I trust my children, my family, and my friends with them.
What is your favorite color?
I seem to like all colors but I am drawn to red.
What are your hobbies?
I love to read, scrapbook, shop, and people watch…(I know it is a real thing!). I love cooking and hosting parties at my house. I love traveling and exploring new places. I love wearing funky socks that don’t match and my patients think it is pretty funny! I love teaching my children new things and spending time with them and my nieces and nephews. I enjoy anything in the water; boating, jet skiing, and I just learned how to paddleboard and love it! I love my paper cutter and my label maker and even though some laugh, it is just who I am! 
Tell us something about you…
I have 2 boys and an amazing husband who are very supportive of my job. They know my passion for Willow Creek and my patients.  Both my boys were born very early. My oldest was born at 28 ½ weeks, weighing 2 pounds. He spent 2 ½ months up at Primary Children’s Hospital NICU and had many health struggles but thanks to Dr. Jopling, and my sons fight and persistence, he is a healthy, smart, and active Junior in High school. I also have another son who is in fifth grade who was born at 31 weeks and weighed 4 pounds and was in the NICU at LDS hospital for 3 weeks. He struggles with asthma and food allergies so I am passionate about them both. I understand what parents are going through and try to have compassion towards that. I love my patients at Willow Creek! There is nothing more wonderful than helping a family when their child is sick and seeing them return the next time, healthy and happy. Willow Creek has always been my extended family and that is how we try and treat all of our patients. I love my job and I hope you can see that I do!