Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Dr Destiny Gmelch

We are lucky to have Dr Destiny Gmelch as part of our team at Willow Creek Pediatrics. Recently we asked Dr Gmelch some questions and here are her answers! Dr Gmelch will be working nights and weekends to help out our doctors and we are thrilled for you to get to know her better.

Where were you born and raised? Born in Juneau, Alaska, lived all over the NW... Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.
Why do you love being a pediatrician? I just love working with kids.  I knew I would work with kids before I decided to become a physician, so it was just natural to specialize in pediatrics.
How many people/pets do you have in your family? My husband (Ben), son (Oliver, 21 months old), and cat (Clementine).
What are your favorite things to do or hobbies? I have a long history of racing triathlons, including three Iron man-distance triathlons.  I love being outdoors: swimming, running, cycling, downhill skiing, skate skiing, and hiking.
What are your favorite foods? I love Mexican, Indian, and Thai food.
Favorite book or best books your have read? I love all kinds of books, but my favorite all time book is probably Catch-22.
Favorite vacation place? Visiting my family in Oregon and my husband's family in the Napa Valley
One thing on your "bucket list" ? I'd really like to ride my bike across the U.S. some day.
What is your pediatric/educational history? I attended college at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon; medical school at Oregon Health and Sciences University; pediatric residency at University of Utah

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