Friday, February 10, 2012

Fact Friday: Insurance Compaines are all different

We wanted you to be aware of a few things that have come to our attention lately. First, we wanted to remind you to check with your insurance company for any changes they may have happened after the first of the year. There are thousands of insurance companies and it is impossible for us to know your coverage. Second, we will ask you for an insurance card EVERY time your child is seen. We know that can be an inconvenience but many offices are now requiring you to show insurance or you are considered private pay for that day. So just remember that little card for each visit.

Please be aware:....Well Child Check ups may require additional co-pays or co-insurance if your child is sick or other procedures are required as part of the well child check-up. This is determined by YOUR insurance company, not by our physicians or our office.

We appreciate you and thank you for being such loyal patients! Have a great weekend! 

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