Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to talk to you children after the Powell Tragedy

(From Dr Jopling)--Sometimes things happen in life that seem beyond our comprehension. How could a parent do something so horrific to his children? How can we as parents talk to our children about this? Unfortunately, it is too much in our face to ignore. Each of us has to first come to grips with our own feelings before we can move on to help our children with their feelings. Dr Doug Goldsmith is a child psychologist at the Children’s Center here in Salt Lake City. I have a great respect for his insight in dealing with difficult situations. Here is a link to a recent interview where he gave his suggestions to parents. Watch it, think about it and do your best to individualize it to your children. Your doctor is available to answer questions you may have about how your children are doing.

All of our staff and doctors here at Willow Creek Pediatrics express our deep sadness and heartache at this time for the family and friends of the Powell boys. We have had several patients ask about how to handle this very tragic situation and hope you can find some answer in this link above.

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