Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The Willow Creek office WILL be open on Thanksgiving day, November 24, for Willow Creek and Draper patients! We have a doctor on call to see patients with URGENT problems only! We will book patients in consecutive order and will stay until the latest scheduled appointment, so call first thing in the morning if your child needs to be seen to be sure to get an appointment! Our phones will turn on at 9:30 am.

We will also be open the day after Thanksgiving. We will have a few doctors in the office to see sick patients. This will be treated as a regular day with regular office hours for the Willow Creek office!
This time of the year makes us all reflect on the many thanks we have. Here are just a few things we are thankful for:
Dr. Steve Lynch--.Health, Love, Family (two legged and four legged) and compassionate friends!
Valerie (nurse)-- Good Health!
Jan (front office)--My awesome family and grand kids
Shaylyn (front office coordinator)--My family
Dr Ryan Donnelley--Thankful that my wife is still pregnant (24 weeks along with preterm labor on bed rest) and for my kids and for my new job with great patients and staff.
Traci (nurse)--My family and my patients
Trishell (front office)--My family....and that we are all healthy and happy
Dr. Jim Memmott--Thankful for my great family and for a great job and my amazing patients.
Margie (office coordinator)--A great job with amazing physicians and staff, good health, and great family and friends.
Kari (front office)--I can think of hundreds of things from one day to the next. Today is breathing, smiling,living and loving.  I can not begin to express how grateful I am for every day!
Mandy (nurse/blogger)--My two boys and a great husband, my family who is my life, my health and my children's healthy and an amazing job that I love and work with such amazing people and patients!
Dr. Joe Jopling--Thankful for family and good health. Especially when we work in an industry like this, it makes me appreciate good health even more.
The staff and doctors of Willow Creek would like to wish all of our patients and their families and happy and safe Thanksgiving week!

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Michelle said...

We are so thankful for all of you...especially the nurses too! Happy Holidays! Love, The Fogg Family