Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing our Nursing Staff!

We are so excited to introduce our nursing staff! --Our staff is made up of over 138 years of experience. What makes this staff amazing is that every single one of them love children and go the extra mile to help make a doctors at Willow Creek Pediatrics just a little better! We hope you enjoy getting to know our nursing staff!

Tanji and Camille

Camille has worked her for 14 years! You probably know Camille as our "Triage Nurse"! She has a 6 year old daughter. She loves to do all sorts of crafts and loves her job here at Willow Creek

Tanji has worked for Willow Creek for almost 8 years and is Dr. Lynch's nurse. She has three beautiful children and a house full of animals including a horse that is terrified of flowers!
Val and Shelley
Shelley has worked here for almost 6 years and is a mom to three wild and wonderful boys. She is one of our night nurses and we love having her here! She loves to do crossword puzzles!

Val (info coming soon)
Amber and Traci

Traci has worked at WCP for 24 years! 2 years as a night and weekend staff, 13 years with Dr. Lynch, 1 year as a nursing supervisor at St. Marks, and the past 8 years with Dr. Jopling. She would love to live on Kauai on the beach in a tent!!!(true story)...and her newest interest is her motorcycle
Marge, Robyn and Mindee

Marge has worked here for 20 years! She has four children and four grandchildren who keep her busy! She loves spending time in the outdoors and WE can't survive our clinic with out her as our office coordinator!

Robyn has worked for Willow Creek as part of night and weekend nurses for almost two years. She is from upstate New York has five children and three grandkids. She works full time and then comes to visit us at night because she loves being around children!

Mindee started working for Willow Creek in 1997 and worked here for 5 years but then decided to be a stay at home mom for awhile. She has now been back for 6 years and has been a nurse in the back for over two years. Mindee loves her job and loves the patients that come here. She loves doing things with her family and going to all the sporting events for her kids!

Tanji, Mindee and Anita

Anita has worked for Willow Creek and Dr. Ashton for 22 years! Her pride and joy are her 9 grandchildren. When Anita lived in Arizona years ago she took care of Johnny Carson's parents in there home for a summer and when his mom became ill she had a suite in one of the hospitals. Johnny Carson was supposed to visit one day when Anita was taking care of his mother but his plans changed.  However, Anita did get to talk to him on the phone!

Val, Mandy and Sadie

Sadie has worked for Willow Creek for five years and she works with Dr. O'Mara. She has lived in Russia and loves to travel! She has a two year old daughter who hopefully one day will have a sibling! She feels lucky to work at Willow Creek!.

Mandy has worked for Wasatch Pediatrics for 7 years and with Willow Creek for over three years. She works with Dr. O'Mara, Dr. Memmott and nights and weekends. She has two boys and loves to travel, read, shop and cook! She feels so lucky to work with all the doctors at Willow Creek! She is also the     "co-author" of this blog!

Amy has worked for Willow Creek for 12 years. Amy has two boys, loves to and loves working with Dr. Ring! (picture to come soon)

Amber has worked for Willow Creek for 7 1/2 years and is proud of that since she is only 25! Amber is so fun to work with and works with Dr. Memmott. She said she is not interesting so she told us a joke....Q: How many nurses does it take to change a light bulb? A:Twelve, one to do it, one to chart it, and ten to write the policies and procedures.

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