Thursday, December 2, 2010

Introducing Dr. Dennis Ashton!

This week's spotlight is Dr. Dennis Ashton!

Dr. Ashton founded Willow Creek Pediatrics in 1978 after completing his medical school residency at the University of Utah. He was board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1977, is a member of the Intermountain Pediatric Society, and well as the AAP. He is associated with the Irish-American Pediatric Society and has even traveled to Ireland for society meetings. He believes all children should have access to quality medical care and the right to a safe and secure world.

Dr. Ashton keeps physically fit by biking and hiking with his family and trying to keep up with his amazing wife on the tennis courts! He love the mountains of Utah and the diverse areas surrounding the Salt Lake Valley!

Not only is Dr. Ashton the heart of Willow Creek Pediatrics, but he truly is a walking miracle! Dr. Ashton beat the odds and is a pancreatic cancer survivor! He will be the first to tell you that every day is truly a gift!

We love Dr. Ashton and are so glad he has been back to work seeing patients for 2 years now! We are sure his patients are glad he is back and healthy as well!

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