Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Flu Shot info and Times for Clinics

It is that time of the year again to book your Flu Shot! All of our doctors here at Willow Creek Pediatrics strongly recommend anyone 6 months and older to get receive the flu shot. Many of you have heard that they no longer will be making Flu Mist. Read below for the most common questions! Please call our office as soon as you can to get your flu shots booked for you child.
FLU SHOT CLINIC: By appointment only
Tuesday: All day in October. (Nov 1 on, only am)
Thursday: Afternoons
Friday: 2:30-6:00

1-Why is the FluMist not available this year?
  • The doctors want to make sure we are providing the most effective treatments and immunizations for our patients. This year, the CDC determined that the FluMist vaccine was not as effective as the standard Flu Shot so we aren't offering it.
2- But my child doesn't want the shot...
  • We understand a flu shot may seem frightening to a child. Our staff gives a lot of immunizations and will do their best to reassure your child. Influenza is a serious diseases and the doctors strongly encourage all children 6 months and older to receive a flu shot this year.
3- Can I get the FluMist somewhere else?
  • We are not aware of any providers who will be giving FluMist this year.
4- Will FluMist be avaible next year?
  • Maybe. The doctors will review any new recommendations next year. If the CDC determines the FluMist effectiveness has improved, we may carry it next year.
5- So if my child received FluMist last year, they weren't protected against the flu?
  • Last year the FluMist was approved and recommended by the CDC and other organizations. The answer depends on the type of influenza that was in the community last year, whether it was a covered strain, if/when your child may have been exposed, etc. There isn't a yes or no answer because there are many contributing factors.
6- But I don't understand, have additional question, am confused, am worried about the flu shot etc.
  • Refer additional questions and concerns to the patient's physician or provider
References: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/ga/nasalspray.htm

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