Monday, May 19, 2014

Helmets are for EVERYONE

Wear a helmet every time you lace up your roller blades or climb on your bike, skateboard, scooter or horse--no matter what your age!

To fit your child's helmet, follow these steps:
1-Place a snug-fitting helmet on the child's head
2-Adjust the helmet straps so the helmet cannot be moved from side to side or back and forth.
3-There should be about one finger width between the chin strap and the child's chin.

Remember to:
1-Ride your bike on the right-hand side of the street
2-Obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals
3-Ride skateboards and scooters on the sidewalk
4-Give cars and pedestrian the right-of-way
5- Wear a helmet and protective clothing, no matter how slowly you are riding, because a fall at any speed can cause severe head injury.

Set an example by wearing a helmet and encouraging your friends to wear them! Remember a helmet only works if you were it!

**info from PCMC

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