Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breast Feeding Fair "Empowering Mothers, Healthy Babies"

Did you know that it is World Breastfeeding week? This year the Salt Lake County Health Department is doing a Breast feeding fair to help educate people in various topics. If you have time this week look at the schedule below to find a class you may want to attend. They also will be Peer Counselors available to do one-on-one consultations with mothers free of charge. This fair is FREE! and a great resource to help your families.

Wednesday August 7th through Wednesday August 14th 9:30-4:30 each day
Salt Lake County Health Department
South Main Public Health Center
3690 South Main Street
South Salt Lake City, 84115
Here is the schedule of classes :
Wednesday 8/7
Kick off even 4:00-6:30
Thursday 8/8
Expo 9:30-4:30
10:15-10:45 "C-Section birth and Breastfeeding Barrier : How to cope"
12:30 - 1:00 "Breast Feeding Benefits"
3:00-4:00 "Skin to Skin Contact"

Friday 8/9
Expo 9:30-4:30
10:00-11:00 "General Breastfeeding class"
11:00-12:00 "How to deliver without medication"
1:00-2:00 Open House
2:30-3:00 "Baby Massage"
3:15-4:00 "Nutrition and Physical Activity"

Monday 8/12
Expo 9:30- 4:30
9:30-10:00 "Nutrition/Breastfeeding or 6 month old babies"
10:00-10:45 "Work Shop: Debunking Breastfeeding Myths"
11:00-12:00 "Prenatal Class"
12:15-12:55 "Skin to Skin"
1:00-2:00 "Nutrition and Breastfeeding":
2:45-3:15 "Proper Latch technique"

Tuesday 8/13
Expo 9:30- 4:30
9:30-10:45 "Baby wearing, Baby Massage and happiest Baby on the Block"
1:00-2:00 "Responses to Crisis or Emergency"

Weds 8/14
10:00-10:30 "Tongue Tie"
10:30-11:00 "Growth Spurts"
12:30-1:00 "Pumping"
1:00-2:00 "Baby wearing and Galactogogues"
2:00-3:00 "Baby Massage"

Note--these classes are subject to change

Have a great time and if you go we would love to hear about it! :)

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