Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sharing the gift of Christmas :Guest Post

Our friend Amanda over at NOTJUSTCUTE has an amazing post today! It can be challenging to teach your children about service and there are some great ideas! Read part of the article below and click on bottom to read the full article. Thanks Amanda!

December can be a tricky time.  While we all want children who understand concepts of unselfishness and service, Christmastime too often ends up with a lot of emphasis on “What do YOU want for Christmas?”

One of the ways I have tried to help children get a hands-on feel for service is by turning our preschool Christmas party into a service party.  (Details and links can be found in this older post.)  I took a preschool social studies approach, including projects that represent expanding spheres of social connection: family, neighborhood, and city.
At the service party there are several activities going on at the same time (and parents are there to help).  As service to family, the children can decorate cookies to bring home and share.  To serve a neighbor, they put together a meal to share with a neighbor who may be in need, sick, or lonely.  To serve others in the city, they help make simple fleece scarves or blankets to donate to a local homeless shelter.
The children really seem to enjoy the activities, and I enjoy taking a break from focusing only on what they want out of Christmas.  I hope they really get a sense of the joy of service as they take part in each activity. TO read MORE....click here....

**INFO FROM www.notjustcute.blogspot.com

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