Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting to know Dr Ryan Donnelly

We are lucky to have Dr Ryan Donnelly as part of our team at Willow Creek Pediatrics. Recently we asked Dr Donnelly some questions and here are his answers! Again--Welcome Dr Donnelly.

Where were you born and raised? I was raised in Loveland, CO. Loveland is about an hour north of Denver. I am the middle of five children and am the only person in my family to go to medical school. Growing up I had a lot of the same outdoor opportunities we enjoy here in Utah. My family also is involved in a variety of agricultural endeavors. I have spent a great deal of time riding horses, working with cattle, farming, ect.
Why do you love being a pediatrician? I have always marveled at the spirit and honesty of children. That sounds corny but I love that you can almost always get a smile out of a child even when they are sick. I also like that children do no hold back from exactly what they are thinking, and rarely do I find myself questioning their intentions. As a parent myself, I have always enjoyed working with families.
How many people/pets in your family? My wife, Claire, our two sons, Michael (6) and Drew (4) and my wife is due again in February. We have 2 terriers named Tilly and Friday as well!
Favorite things to do or hobbies? I spend most of my free time with my children. My wife jokes that I have kids just to have more friends! We like going to the mountains where we camp or I drag them on hikes. I also love building things and working with my hands. I aspire to do more road biking and cross-country skiing although I am a novice at best.
Favorite Food? I am a lover of all food!
Favorite book or best books you have read? I am not sure about a "favorite book", I like Kurt Vonnegut quite a bit. I recently read "Outliers" by Macolm Gladwell and really enjoyed it.
Favorite Vacation place? My favorite vacation has been to a small fishing village on the Yucatan Peninsula called El Cuyo. Completely secluded, authentic Mexican culture, and area rich in history and beautiful beaches.
One things on your "Bucket" List? I enjoy travelling but did very little as a child. I did not fly on an airplane until I was 18 years old and now have a young family; so I haven't seen near as much of the world as I would like. My goal is to visit every continent at some point, although I don't see that happening any time soon.
What is your pediatric history? High school graduation was only the half way point for me in my education. I obtained a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Colorado State University (4 yrs), then attended medical school at Saint Louis University (4yrs). I did my pediatric residency at Primary Children's Hospital here in Utah(3yrs) and then stayed at Primary Children's to be Pediatric Chief Resident (1 yr)

Thanks Dr Donnelly for letting us get to know you better! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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