Friday, February 11, 2011

Fact Friday - Insurance Cards and Copays

In case you ever wonder why we ask for your insurance card and copays everytime you come in...

Why Do We Ask For Your Insurance Card?

Our doctors have asked the office staff, in accordance with state law, to verify insurance information at EVERY visit.

We want to be sure we have identified the correct patient when your appointment was scheduled.

We want to be sure we have the correct insurance information in our system so your visit is billed properly. Many times the insurance company will change your patient ID and group number, even though it is still through the same company.

If you do have questions or problems with this policy, feel free to bring them up with your physician.


Changes in Healthcare – Due to health care reform, as of September 23, 2010, you may not owe a co-pay for preventative care services. If you receive immunizations or have any lab work done, your insurance company may still require you to pay a co-payment. As you can tell, this gets very complicated, and there are no defined answers. Your insurance company determines whether or not a so-payment is required based on your plan benefits. To find out if you owe a co-pay, please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card. Because it is impossible for our staff to know your individual insurance coverage, we will collect a co-pay at the front desk unless you have contacted your insurance company and have found that you do not owe one.

Why Do We Collect Co-pays?

Our contracts with the insurance companies say we will collect the appropriate co-pay as outline on the card each time care is rendered in our in our office.

The co-pay is specified as part of your contract with your carrier, and it is written in your benefits manual. As the provider’s office, we are not allowed to adjust the terms of your contractual responsibilities.

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