Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are you Thankful for?

This time of year is a great time to reflect and remember what we are thankful for.  The employees at Willow Creek have are all remembering what they are thankful for today!

Margie (office coordinator) is thankful for good health, so she can cook Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!

Mandy (nurse) is thankful for her two little boys and all of their energy!  Also her amazing husband and family!

Jan (front office) is thankful for her wonderful family.  They bring so much joy and happiness to her!

Dr. Jopling is thankful that his wife and 2 children are in good health!

Amber (nurse) is thankful for good credit reports!

Mykio (front office) is thankful for a happy, healthy family and that she gets to share her holiday with such wonderful people!

Kari (front office) is thankful for great friends and neighbors and their thoughtful acts of kindness!

Camille (nurse) is thankful for her family and her health!

Anita (nurse) is thankful for her family, including her 3 children and her grandchildren, and for her health, such as it is for her age!

Dr. Ring is sooooo thankful for her daughter, Piper, and her good health!

Dr. Chamberlain is thankful for her beautiful family, a great job and good health!

Dr. Ashton is thankful to be upright and breathing!  Everyday alive is a good day!

Dr. Memmott is thankful for the country we live in and our many freedoms and opportunities!

Dr. Lynch is thankful for his health, vision, family and friends!

Mindee (nurse/front office) is thankful for her beautiful family and a home to keep her warm!

The staff and doctors of Willow Creek would like to wish all of our patients and their families and happy and safe Thanksgiving week!

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